Solar Carports

We recently finished a Solar Carport project with No Fossil Fuel and CMK Construction in Kingston, MA. What started off as a small project lead to building the largest Solar canopy in New England. It is 4.6 mw and is located on 11.5 acres of already cleared land and will have parking spots available for commercial and residential leasing. Solar Carports are one of the fastest growing trends in the solar industry. They offer great long term monetary and environmental benefits. Carports help hedge against the rising utility costs that businesses are facing. Solar Carports can also lower utility costs, stabilize a business’ cash flow and reduce their carbon footprint.

Another thing that makes Solar Carports desirable is that no additional space is needed to achieve maximum efficacy. A roof solar array is limited to the roof size but that is not the case with carports. Carports are ground mounted and utilize the already available parking spaces at the business. These carports allow for significant savings whether it be in the form of credits from the utility company or by selling generated energy back to the grid for a higher price. There is a dramatic increase in this type of project lately with more business’ choosing to go this route in order to save money and become a more sustainable presence in the community.