Musco Lighting is a world leader in lighting solutions. We have had the pleasure of partnering with them for the majority of our Sports Field Lighting projects. They have developed a system that will revolutionize the way we are able to watch sporting events especially in the age of Covid. Sporting events have always been a way of bringing people together whether it be college, high school, Little League or even Pop Warner. Everyone remembers those Thanksgiving football games or championship baseball game against a big rival, where it seems like the whole town shows up. Sports are one of America’s favorite pastimes, which unfortunately has taken a big hit by Covid.

Musco has developed an innovative, cost effective and automated solution for recorded and live sporting events. This is especially important during a pandemic, where spectators are limited or prohibited from sporting events. This System will bring the game right to your phone, tablet or computer. The system is set up so that it is completely automated and does not require any on site staff. Viewers must subscribe to watch, which in turn generates revenue for the facility. Jeff Rogers, Vice president at Musco said, “Players, families and friends can watch their games from anywhere. Our solution will also generate new revenue for venue owners. That’s a win-win. ” This sure sounds like a win-win and a positive way for families to reconnect during this time.